JavaScript TypeError: TypeError: jQuery(…).qtip is not a function

When I update wordpress and all the plugins,suddenly I face this issue.I tried to deactivate all the plugins except yoast seo plugin,still this issue was not gone.But when I deactivated yoast seo plugin all things are ok. I have alternative to change the Yoast SEO plugin for the solution.But since Yoast seo plugin is one[…]

1st, 2nd, 3rd – Adding Ordinal Number Suffix in PHP

When we need to add ordinal number suffix after normal number it become hard to manually checking the number.So I have created a function which will return a number with suffix which you can implement for multilingual context also. First of all we need to create a array of suffix ,

Now lets build[…]

Laravel using Repository design pattern

Here is the video that will give you clear idea about implementation Repository design pattern in Laravel . Among many design patterns Repository pattern is something that is really taken serious in Laravel. One of the most popular ways for building an application using Laravel is the Repository Pattern. The basic idea of the pattern is to create[…]

HMVC idea implementation in laravel

If you are familiar with codeIgnitor framework you probably used Codeigniter modular extensions hmvc which enhance the feature  to run modules in CodeIgniter. As this,we can also use this same concept  in Laravel to building your applications in modular approach. You can find package to use laravel in HMVC mode in Github url Examples can be found in  Example implementation