How to create .php files using php?

It’s easy to create a file having php extension in php .Simply write a file with php extension as others mentioned. But I would rather write an ini file for configuration data and load them later with parse_ini_file. Update: Here is an example to do that:


Write to php file with php script or create new file, it is possible?

And I’ve a script that gives these variables right values/texts. The problem is that I can’t figure out how to insert the new values into the config.php file without having to open it manually and insert the text myself (I’m working on a installation script). Is it possible to insert the right values into the config.php file without editing it manually?

saving each line of textbox with php

Save each line in Textbox with php

Condition :(need save each line in Textbox with php) Required to save each line in textbox with php after submit form with textbox .Textbox can have multiple new lines and these info in each line need to be insert in database with PHP. HTML <textarea name=”name” rows=30 cols=40><textarea> SCRIPT



Get wordpress menu items in multidimensional array

It is very wired when we need to implement mega menu in a wordpress with a walker or any other wordpress hook or wordpress function.We need to build own structure for menu ,we need to get all the menus object with their hierarchy for putting our menu in the custom html.So for getting all wordpress menus array with in a certain location use the following function.