Change Alt text wordpress

When we come through SEO in wordpress we need to consider lot of things.Such as we need to input alt text in all the images and need to change Alt text  wordpress for all images.This will make SEO better.But what if we have uploaded lot of images and our site is very huge and there are thousands of images?

Do we need to go to media library and click each images ,go to its detail and update the alt field?

In my case no.There are tons of plugins that can change the alt text in one click for the existing images.The alt text may be filled up by image title or name.

But in my case I generally use plugin “Media Library Alt Fields”.This plugin help to customize the alt tag in easy way.

Here is the downlink for the plugin.

Now install and activate the plugin.Then go to the media library .You will see a new field in the column for alt .You can input your own custom alt text for each image.Since the form is submitted with ajax there will be huge bunch of time saving .Thanks for the plugin “Media Library Alt Fields” and plugin developers.