JavaScript TypeError: TypeError: jQuery(…).qtip is not a function

When I update wordpress and all the plugins,suddenly I face this issue.I tried to deactivate all the plugins except yoast seo plugin,still this issue was not gone.But when I deactivated yoast seo plugin all things are ok.

I have alternative to change the Yoast SEO plugin for the solution.But since Yoast seo plugin is one of the best plugin I have ever using I don’t want this alternative so I start to search the solution in the google for 2-3 days .But I couldn’t find any relevant solution .Then I start debugging the Yoast plugin file even it is not the recommended solution.But I have no alternative except doing that.And Finally I came through a solution.I change some JS code in the yoast plugin and it worked fine for me.The change in code doesn’t effect the yoast functionality except this change will disabled the hint tip that display when we click the question mark in the yoast plugin configuration.

As a solution Please go to the yoast plugin folder wp-content\plugins\wordpress-seo\js and upload the file  wp-seo-export-302.min

then extract and rename the file as wp-seo-export-302.min.js and then cnt+f5 and clear all the cache plugin.Then everything will be working fine.