ajax file upload

Ajax file upload

With the latest browser from Safari 5/Firefox 4 we can use FormData class:

So now we have a object of FormData , which can be sent along with the XMLHttpRequest.

  We can  set the contentType option to false,which  force jQuery not to add a Content-Type header for you, otherwise, the boundary string will be missing from it. Also,[…]

Adding custom li after last element of WordPress navigation menu

When working with wordpress menu you may need to add a custom item in the last of wordpress menu.You can achieve this with wordpress menu walker class.But wordpress menu walker class is for heavy customizing the wordpress menu like building mega menu. We can achieve this solution with a wordpress filter add_filter(‘wp_nav_menu_items’, ‘new_nav_menu_items’, 10, 2); Copy[…]

Magento 2 Build simple module

Full stable magento 2 has release and now everyone shifting with the new Magento world. Magento 2 have change almost all the folder structure so it made little difficult for the developer to move with the folder structure.You can easily build your own module in earlier version of magento.Magento 2 have the same feature.Following is the example for building simple simple module which display Welcome message.